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Whether design consists of a product or piece of furniture, work exhibited in an art gallery, a residence, or commercial space, MOSA treats each commission as an experiment that attempts to redirect expectations toward an advanced formal and aesthetic design solution. Design Services include: Limited to full-service architectural | Product design and development | Art exhibition and set design

Through the utilization of state of the art manufacturing processes, as well as conventional means of making, MOSA works in-house and with local industrial fabricators to provide clients with a high degree of specialization on a project-to-project basis. We offer full fabrication services for the design, delivery, and installation of digitally fabricated components for contractors, artists, and design professionals. Fabrication & Manufacturing Services include: Cutting | Engraving | Finishing | Forming | Milling | Welding | Prototyping

As consultant, MOSA’s primary role is to provide clients with a seamless transition between designer and fabricator. We collaborate with architects, artists, and designers to facilitate the work required to transform digital files from design concept to manufactured object. Consulting Services include: Optimization of digital files from design to production | Toolpath generation for machining operations | Coordination & creation of shop drawings | Connecting designers with fabricators on a project basis